​The Last Bookstore

December 11, 2020-June 6, 2021

It has turned into a world seen through a palm-sized cell phone or a computer monitor on a desk. It is very difficult to find people who open and read books on public transport, and they no longer borrow books from the library. The greatest purpose of this exhibition is to face the unfortunate reality that books containing a lot of knowledge and wisdom passed down by previous generations and bookstores selling those books are gradually disappearing, and to look back on how precious they are.

Unlike in the past, bookstores these days have a very strong spatial feature, and they are not just places to read and live, but have services to eat and drink, as well as programs related to culture, so they have been transformed into a place for leisure.

Therefore, this exhibition of The Last Bookstore reflects these contemporary trends and at the same time is designed so that you can experience the special sensibility you felt when you went to the bookstore through various contemporary art works. Various age groups in this era who read through electronic devices such as smartphones, computers, pads, and tabs rather than books made of paper, feel nostalgia for paper books and the bookstores that sold them through this exhibition, The Last Bookstore. We hope that it will be an opportunity to rest as a comfortable and comfortable place to rest.